Review: Cateye Velo Wireless

5,000km review:

So this is one of the first items that I bought for my bike (as well as the bike obviously) as I wanted to be able to record all the distance travelled. This was partly because I love statictics and also so I could compare the cost of travelling by bike and my old method of getting to work, the train.

I actually have 2 of these computers- one for each of my bikes currently, so I can keep track of individual bike distance. I choose these computers as I previously have the Cateye wired version and didn’t have any problems with it. The setup of this device is a piece of cake- takes about 5 minutes to fix- once you have worked out where you would like it on your bike.

Batteries seem to last almost forever- I had to replace the battery in the wheel sensor after approx 3,000km – so as I got this thrown in with a 2nd hand bike I don’t know if the battery was on it’s way out. They use standard C2032 batteries which you can pick up from ebay/boots etc for not much money at all.

Design is pretty simple- just a regular shape with just 1 button to press. Press it and it cycles through each of the functions, total time, distance, average speed, max speed, total distance, clock. Reset can be performed by pressing and holding the button. The device will work in both km and miles (I have mine set to km).

Rating: 9/10  Price: £27

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