Review: Whyte 801 2012

5,000km review:

So this is my first proper mountain bike that I ever bought. I bought this 2nd hand in March 2012 for £500 from somebody who had ridden it twice and not enjoyed it. Bought with the main purpose of cycling into Cardiff from Caerphilly

As it’s my first bike, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect of it- however the Whyte has delivered in every way that I could imagine. After about 2 months of cycling in, I swapped the tyres from standard to Schwalbe City Jet Tyre. This made my mostly road/gravel trip into Cardiff much much easier.

Faults in 50,60km so far:

The front derailer cable frayed quite a bit which meant I was unable to change any gears on the front. Quick look on ebay and I managed to pick up a cable from clarks for £2 with delivery. A quick helping hand from my brother and this was repaired with minimal fuss. (Broke at 4,000km)

Back wheel has had to be replaced as the rim had been broken in 3 different parts. I am pretty sure that this was due to a session at Afan Forest on a red route (The Wall) with my brother. I visited my local bike shop (MuddyBum Bikes Cardiff – Review to follow) and got a replacement for this

Brake pads- pretty obvious, but I have gone through a couple of sets now. They tend to last a very long time on my commute, but as soon as I do some “proper” mountain biking, I seem to go through a set every 2/3 proper rides.

Apart from that, the bike is taking the mixture of commuting and being used as a proper mountain bike quite well.

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