Emma Way & other drivers

So, I thought I would post my reaction to the current story in the headlines at the moment- the “Emma Way Incident”. Full story can be found here

What angers me is the following points that even in her interview with ITV she fails to clear up (See that here):

  • She tweeted that she “definitely knocked a cyclist off his bike earlier”- and yet in her interview says “because she didn’t think the cyclist had come off his bike or had been hurt”. Which one is it?
  • She seems more sorry that she tweeted about the incident than the fact that her actions caused a cyclist to come off his bike: “It was a spur of the moment thing and I’m sorry. I didn’t realise it would ever escalate to this.”
  • When she defended herself on ITV- she brought her solicitor with her- this says a lot about her.
  • Her tweet: “I have right of way” – you don’t automatically have right of way as a driver- nor does the cyclist. I don’t know exactly what happened- and maybe we won’t either- both sides seem to be saying they had right of way, without unbiased evidence.
  • Also: “he doesn’t even pay road tax”- I know cyclist bang on about this a lot, but road tax doesn’t exist- it’s called VED, low emission cars don’t even pay anything- are they not allowed on the road?. This website explains this a lot better than I can.

So there we go- being a cyclist myself, I definitely feel for the cyclist more than the motorist. I have been knocked off my bike previously and the driver didn’t stop then either (though maybe I should check the tweets for that day….). We all need to give a little bit more respect for each other- in both directions, I hate cyclists that run red lights just as much as the next motorist.

Happy for any comments etc.

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