Applying for my first TRO (Traffic Regulation Order)

I logged an issue with Cardiff Council recently regarding part of the NCN 4 route (Caerphilly > Cardiff) where cars & vans continually parked- blocking the cycle route & forcing the use of the more dangerous roundabout:

This image taken from streetview shows what is happening- although usually the car/vans tend to be parked completely across the “cycle” area.

Location of roundabout/area:

Will update here when I find out what happens next!

Update (02/08/2014):
I refer to your request for a Traffic Regulation Order at the Taff Trail north of Tongwynlais.
I have recorded the implementation of a TRO in this location as a future core route
enhancement scheme for the Taff Trail. Unfortunately, I am unable to confirm a likely
implementation date at present, as this is dependent on the availability of future funding.

So success it would seem- just don’t know when it might happen

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