Poor cycle path

Well I reported the below defect to the cycle path 4 weeks ago, and finally got a reply from Cardiff council. This is the picture that I took of the area that I said needed work:

This is the reply from the council:

“I am pleased to confirm that the site has been inspected; however, no safety defects were identified.

By way of explanation the below information describes the type of defect raised for

remedial work as a result of safety inspections.

Defects in a tarmac/concrete surface are:

1. Potholes greater than 30mm deep.

2. A difference in level between adjacent walking surfaces of 30mm.

On this occasion as mentioned above no defects of this type were found.”

Quite disappointed by this reply from the council- as this is already a narrow part of the path, and with this gap/incline as well- near accidents frequently happen. I will be following up with them again on this.

National Cycle Network? I think not.

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