Cardiff Council spending on roads/cycling

I put in a freedom of information request to Cardiff Council last year (August 2013) asking for:

“Total spend on roads within the Cardiff Council area for each year from 2000 onwards to 2013.
Total spend on cycle routes/markings etc for each year from 2000 onwards to 2013.”

They replied and advised that they only had electronic records from 2009 onwards.

So whilst they spent a total of £5,308,239 on roads in the 2012/2013 period, just £1,665 was spent on new cycling infrastructure. Not even 0.1% spent on more cycling lanes/routes that are separate to the highways that already exist. This is appalling- from a city that wants to encourage people to stop using their cars and walk/cycle instead.

Original document: FOI 03658 – Response

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