Cardiff Council cycling plans 2013/2014

Cycling & the funding for it has been in the news quite a bit over the last week. As a cyclist, I haven’t seen much of the funding actually affect the routes/places I cycle. I decided to see what Cardiff are planning in regarding to cycling over the next few years. I got all of this information from their Enfys website:

Unfortunately the Cycle Strategic Plan on the website (download direct here) is totally out of date. It does however list changes which should be happening over the next 2 years. I have plotted these onto a map of Cardiff:

1. Column Road (details here) advisory cycle lanes

2. Claude place (details here) 2 stage crossing

3. Donald Street (details here) Closed road to through traffic- allowing cyclists

4. Cowbridge road east (details here)- advisory cycle lane

5. Column Road/Corbett Road (details here) additional toucan crossing & shared use

6. James street (details here) advisory cycle lanes- specifically designed to allow vehicles to use.

7. Cardiff Bridge to Victoria Park (details here) Removing road markings & segregated lane over bridge


My thoughts:

Apart from point 7, there is no segregated infrastructure planned at all. Even where there is on Cardiff bridge- it sounds like cyclists will be left to rejoin the main carriageway according to the plans (& this is currently what is happening). I am extremely disappointed with the total lack of “entire city cycle planning” that seems to be missing from these plans. Whilst cycling will improve at these specific points- what about joining up the infrastructure that already exists? What about extending it?

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