Request for better cycling infrastructure

The cycle route (NCN Route 8) which goes from Taffs Well station to Tongwynlais (& through, but that’s another story for another blog post) is awful.

Firstly the seperated (but shared path) finishes, and dumps you on the road:

Then 200m down the road, you have a set a traffic lights with a lovely ASL:

Which of course every single driver I have seen here ignores. Then you have to deal with turning back onto the cycle path guided by metal barriers.I am guessing these were put like this to stop you from cycling into the sign? It’s incredibly dangerous to slow down on this approach as the cars behind are doing 30mph+. I don’t know what the designer was thinking here.

Next you have a shared pavement which is ok for the most part- however it gets incredibly narrow- on a corner as well:

After you have dealt with this, you then have to cross 2 lanes of fast & flowing traffic that has just come from the A470 @ 50mph. Again, the design here is awful & has no legal standing, it’s just paint:

Cars don’t wait before it, and most cars seem to use the right lane shown here, so even if these stop- you are risking the fact that you cannot see the left lane & the fact that a driver won’t stop for you.


This is some of the worse infrastructure on my route from Caerphilly > Cardiff & I will report this to the council to see if this could be improved. The road here is very wide & there are numerous improvements that could be made.

3 thoughts on “Request for better cycling infrastructure

  • January 17, 2015 at 6:34 pm

    I’ve never understood this part of the route. I can only assume that because it is on the Cardiff & RCT boundary that it was a complete afterthought.

    To be honest, the whole section between Tongwynlais and Ty Rhiw is a mess, starting with the dog-leg into the middle of Tongwynlais when there’s a right-of-way following the Taff to the other end of the village.

    It would probably be better to route cyclists through Radyr, Morganstown and the bottom end of Gwaelod than have people crossing a slip road. It would certainly be a better lit route too.

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