20 years of Sustrans NCN- what’s next?

Sustrans are celebrating 20 years of the National Cycle Network (NCN). Whilst what they have achieved should be celebrated, what is next for Sustrans? Sustrans boost on their website that there is a total of 14,000miles- unfortunately it seems some of this isn’t of the highest standard:

IMG_20150703_093235 IMG_20150703_152857

So, this is my opinion, of what Sustrans should do next:

  • Remove parts of the NCN that do not meet nationally set standards
  • Remove ridiculous barriers that are supposed to prevent motorbikes/motor vehicles. In the picture above, we had to remove our panniers & squeeze through. How would a disabled user manage this- again see above, they didn’t & required our assistance.
  • Add/fix the links in the NCN- don’t assume that roads/pavements can be used, even if they are only 100m long. This can be very off-putting for the average cyclist- or new cyclist that has only just started
  • Stop promoting/supporting councils that put in “useless/dangerous/joke” infrastructure like Cardiff. Like this piece of infrastructure (here), supposed by National Director (here)
  • Put a plan in place to get cities/villages linked by cycle routes- there isn’t even a route between Cardiff <> Newport yet!
  • Listen to users of your network, I reported a number of issues over 2 years ago- although I had a response, nothing has changed since. If there are issues- why not have a section on your website listing these, so users are aware- rather than have them reported multiple times.

Sustrans news article here


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