Forest Farm Road – Update!

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Finally, after much chasing, have an update from the council on this issue:


Thank you for your correspondence dated 19th May 2015 and my receipt dated 14th July

2015 in connection with the above. I have attached a plan for reference of the location of

the barrier where you have requested the surrounding area to be improved.

The barrier gate off Forest Farm Road is for maintenance vehicle access and therefore

the area around the gate has become increasingly muddy and difficult to navigate due to

tree roots, mud and stone. From the recent inspection it has been assessed and included

as part of the programme for 2015/2016 to receive resurfacing treatment during this

financial year.

On behalf of Highways, we apologise for the delayed response to your query and on this

occassion we are pleased to inform you we will be able to improve the surfacing around

the barrier for users.

Map:  Doc1238239

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