Taff Tail barriers, Caerphilly <> Taffs Well

I originally logged this idea with RCT council back in May by sending the following email:

I am writing to request that the barriers marked in the attached map be removed:
These barriers are both physical & psychological barriers to use of the Taff Trail by all users. On 3 of the marked 5 barriers it is almost impossible to get a wheelchair through due to the nature of these barriers.

Cardiff Design guide contains the following (I am unsure if there is an RCT document?):

“Access barriers on off-road routes should not be installed unless there is proven need”
I logged a FOI request with South Wales Police to find this “proven need”, using the postcodes covered by the 5 locations that I have marked on the map attached. They have advised that there have been just 5 incidents in 5 years (2010-2014) in these area’s in regards to off road motorbikes/scramblers. Please see attached response 245 15.pdf for detailed information.
Design guide also says the following:”Access barriers should only be installed with the agreement of the Council’s Equalities team.”

Could you advise if this is the case? I would like to see the reasoning behind their agreement- as it seems that these barriers would block numerous disabled cycles. See attached document for some examples of disabled cycles that users would be prevented from using.
Finally, I am unsure if you are aware that another cyclist has started a petition to have all of the barriers you have installed removed here:
I didn’t get a reply on this item for months & months- & finally I raised this as a formal complaint. I ended up meeting Ray Edwards (RCT), Jessica White (RCT – Road Safety) & Gwyn Smith (Sustrans)  on 30th July to discuss what could be done. At that meeting it was discussed that at least 1 of the barriers could be removed (closet to Taffs Well) as this served no purpose. The other barriers would be consider after the drainage (See blog post here).
Hope to post an update on this soon!

Forest Farm Road – onto National Cycle Route

After you cycle down Forest Farm road (recently re-surfaced here) you turn off to the right & are faced with this gate:


Attempt to go around this and you will see that hundreds/thousands have already tried to:


This is a National Cycle Route. I am lucky to be able bodied, so can maneuver my bike around this gate without too much difficulty (& avoid the mud). Disabled/wheelchair users? They wouldn’t stand a chance. So, Cardiff Council- I ask you to either open this gate, or tarmac the side to enable a full width wheelchair/tricycle/tandem to be able to use this path safely.



Location here and marked below: