Forest Farm Road – onto National Cycle Route

After you cycle down Forest Farm road (recently re-surfaced here) you turn off to the right & are faced with this gate:


Attempt to go around this and you will see that hundreds/thousands have already tried to:


This is a National Cycle Route. I am lucky to be able bodied, so can maneuver my bike around this gate without too much difficulty (& avoid the mud). Disabled/wheelchair users? They wouldn’t stand a chance. So, Cardiff Council- I ask you to either open this gate, or tarmac the side to enable a full width wheelchair/tricycle/tandem to be able to use this path safely.



Location here and marked below:




Poor cycle path #update

If you quickly read this first, this is an update to that post.

I have emailed Cardiff Council & Highways numerous times about this defect. I finally got this reply:

“The site has been visited at least four times by an inspector. Unless we are missing something in an area which has not been looked at, the area has been deemed safe under our intervention  criteria for repair.”

I can only assume that I hadn’t quite been clear enough about what needed to be changed/fixed at this location. From a cycling point of view I thought it was obvious- the sudden change of angle whilst cycling down/up this slope meant a obvious jolt.

Below is a very simple diagram I drew for the council- black shows the current angle of the path- red shows how it could be improved.



Apparently this has been passed onto another member of Cardiff Council- who will be in touch to “advise of any actions”


Progress? I hope so.